Meet the Artist


Hong Kong born pianist Jacqueline Leung is a laureate of the Antena 2 prize, awarded by the national classical music radio station in Portugal which culminated in a live solo recital broadcast on national radio. Described as a player who possesses ‘musicality, intelligence and technical finesse’, she has performed in festivals and concerts all over the world and worked with many distinguished musicians such as Robert Aitken, Trey Lee, Iestyn Davies and Jasmine Choi.

She is frequently engaged to serve as a jury member at competitions, such as the 2nd Thailand International Mozart Competition and the Japan Piara International Piano Competition (Hong Kong), China Artists Association competition, Hong Kong Open Piano Competition, 7th Borneo Performing Arts Festival and the World Piano Teachers Association International Piano Competition, the 2018 China International Music and Arts Festival and the GMC Music Festival in Hong Kong. As a lecturer she has represented Hong Kong at the 2014 World Piano Conference. Since 2013 she has worked as specialist piano presenter and masterclass teacher for the Trinity College London exam board, presenting in numerous locations in Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Musicality, Intelligence & Technical Finesse

Jacqueline studied in the HKAPA junior programme with Ms Chuifun Poon and Professor Eleanor Wong. In her secondary school years she furthered her studies at Wells Cathedral School, one of the four specialist music schools in England with Ms Hilary Coates. Upon graduation she trained as a scholar at the Royal Academy of Music in London, obtaining the LRAM piano teaching diploma and BMus degree. She completed her Masters degree with Dr. Tamas Ungar, one of the best known pedagogues in the USA at Texas Christian University.

Jacqueline served as the chairperson of the Royal Academy of Music HK Alumni Association for many years and in 2013, she was elected as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM), in recognition of her significant contribution in the musical field. She released her debut solo album ‘In Sunshine or in shaow’ with the Vienna based Hello Stage label in 2017 and since 2018, she has been appointed as official consultant for Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre. She currently teaches chamber music and piano at United International College in Zhuhai, China as Senior Lecturer of Music.



梁維芝生於香港,在英美深造多年,表演足跡遍及世界各地,被譽爲集 「音樂才華、過人智慧、超凡技藝」 於一身的鋼琴家。2015年夏季獲葡萄牙國家古典音樂電台頒發Antena 2演奏大獎後獲邀回葡國做全國電台獨奏直播。在香港, 她亦是香港電台和電視藝術節目的常客。

她曾與多位頂尖音樂家如世界知名長笛家Robert Aitken 及 Jasmine Choi, 大提琴家李垂誼Trey Lee,英國歌唱家 Iestyn Davies合作, 室樂經驗非常豐富。個人演出方面, 維芝經常獲邀到國際音樂節作客席藝術家演出,曾被邀請於哥倫比亞坡哥達國際鋼琴節作當代協奏曲首演及哥斯達黎加國際鋼琴季巡回演出。除演出之外, 梁氏亦活躍於評審及講學的工作,近年曾出席泰國莫扎特國際鋼琴大賽擔任評判,中國藝術家協會音樂比賽的評審,香港鋼琴公開比賽,香港演藝學院 Excel中的暑期鋼琴節講師,倫敦聖三一考試局亞洲區教師陪訓課程導師,於亞洲多國做巡迴大師班和講座,亦曾獲邀赴歐洲國際鋼琴會議做專題講座及示範。

梁氏自幼就讀香港演藝學院, 跟隨湯翠芬和黃懿倫教授, 及後赴英國就讀音樂學校Wells Cathedral School。畢業後考取獎學金於英國皇家音樂學院於卓一龍教授指導下取得鋼琴演奏學士及鋼琴教學文憑,及後到跟隨美國著名Tamas Ungar 教授深造考獲鋼琴碩士。梁氏教學經驗豐富,2014年獲頒全國優秀藝術教師榮譽。

梁維芝曾出任英國皇家音樂學院香港校友會主席多年。2015年獲英國皇家音樂學院頒發ARAM院士, 以表揚她在音樂界的成就和貢獻。梁氏在2017年夏季赴維也納灌錄個人專輯 In Sunshine or in Shadow,現任香港聖三一中心音樂顧問,及北京師範大學-香港浸會大學-國際聯合書院音樂系高級講師任教室樂和鋼琴演奏。